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Equeset.. The Equeset Sound Library is a series of profesionally recorded tapes to help you learn and improve your horseback riding skills, and your ability to school your horse. To find out more about this exciting series of 5 Levels and to listen to samples click on the Equeset button.

Talking Books... Quarry Lane is now involved in the production of Talking Books, the subject matter includes children's books, aboriginal subjects, whodunits, true adventure and comedy. Click on the Talking Books button to find out more about our books on cassette and remember to check in often as our library is always expanding!

Everest... This exciting tape chronicles the history of the sixty years, spanning 1922 through 1982, of struggle to climb the world's highest mountain. Everest, The Ultimate Challenge contains interviews from Sir Edmund Hillary, the first man to stand on top of the world, to Canadian Laurie Skreslet who reached the peak in 1982. Follow the Everest link to discover more about this fascinating tape and listen to a sample.

Compact Discs... Quarry Lane has recently completed the recording and production of a musical CD by famed Canadian artist Neil Chotem. To learn more about Pianoganini choose the CD link.


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