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Level One Level Two

LEVEL ONE: An Introduction to the basics. Deals with the mechanics of the walk, trot and canter. Introduces the halt, rein changes and transitions. Side B supplies exercises for the horse and rider, works on developing 3 speeds to the trot. As well, it brings in pace control techniques along with the stabalization of gaits.

LEVEL TWO: Exploring the fundamentals. This level takes a helps to works with serpentines and the figure 8. While supplying additional exercises for the rider it covers use of the crop, trot and canter without stirrups and begins to establish 2 speeds to the canter.


Level Three Level Four

LEVEL THREE: Acheiving the essentials. This level picks up where Level 2 left off. Covering Flexions and bending into corners. It also includes a section on the 3 speeds to the walk and introduces the half-halt, leg yielding and turn on the forehand.

LEVEL FOUR: Developing balance. Included in this level is the 2 point position at a trot and canter and the trot and canter over poles. As well, level 4 covers the gallop and supplies balancing and relaxation exercises. It begins to develop the fudamentals behind a long, low frame.


Level Five

LEVEL FIVE: Jumping. Jumping lessons given by one of the Grand Prix circuit's most accomplished and competitive riders, Mario Deslauriers. This level provides jumping enthusiasts with structured schooling sessions and many exercises and ideas to improve your jumping skills. To Hear a Sample click on a format: RealAudio (.ra) or MP3 (.mp3). You will need RealPlayer 7.0 - (it also supports MP3 files!)


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