No project is too small....few are too large!

Quarry Lane Productions, introduces... The Complete Studio Concept. There are lots of companies around who provide sound recording services, but there are few who provide complete sound production services... and none who can do it as cost effectively as we can. The Most Comprehensive facilities... Just about everything you need. Two studios... Two locations...

In Montreal at 910 de la Gauchetiere Street East. Here is a fully equipped studio with digital Pro-Tools, as well as digital multi track DA88. Designed for voice and narration, the sound quality of the studio is superb. Full video interlock with 3/4" video, locked with a Soundmaster system. A good selection of out-board gear, compressors, reverbs etc. There is also still some analog facilities, for those who still have masters in analog, including 1/4" stereo with SR-Dolby, and 1" 8 track. All lock to video through Soundmaster. There are also other facilitiesadjacent to the studio, such as 1" Video Betcam, and Betcam digital ,audiostriping, time code DAT.

In Alexandria, There is another studio and editing and mixing facility. Again with Pro-Tools, and DA-88 digital multi track facilities. Thestudio is slightly larger, and was designed by Dr. Floyd Toole, so the acoustics are impeccable. This room is designed for voice, narration, foley, and ADR. Full video lock with VHS industrial video cassette. There are also some analog facilities, such as 1/4" stereo, and a good supply of out-board gear, compressors reverb etc.

We're flexible.... Our full-service approach allows you to select from a wide range of facilities and location. This means that you can mix and match our services to meet the specific needs of your project. Or, if you prefer, we can handle it all.

And we're cost-effective... With our complete studio concept, you never have to pay for more services or facilities than you actually need. From the simplest recording to the most complex production, we're here to provide you with the highest quality, professional audio services available... at prices you can afford.

Talent Services: From casting, auditioning and booking, to performance fee negotiations and talent/union payment... we can look after it all on your behalf.

Production & Direction: Our experienced audio producers will work with you and your people, carefully guiding and helping you every step of the way. We don't take over, we take care.

Music & Sound Effects: From our extensive stereo digital libraries, we will help you select the perfect music and sound effects for your production... ones which will enhance and reinforce your audio message. If its original scored music you want....we can help you there too.

Translations/Versioning: We expertly convert existing productions into just about any language. Here again the concept is complete service and includes: translation, talent, production, direction, graphics, video titles, and special effects. When it comes to adaptation you can count on us!

Duplication & Packaging: Chances are, once your audio or video production is complete you're going to need copies... affordable, high quality audio and video cassettes and compact discs, "one off's" or pressings. Which is exactly what we supply. But that's not all. We can also look after the printing, labeling and packaging. With our complete Studio approach, your product will not only sound good, it can also look good; smartly assembled in appealing eye-catching packages.

Quarry Lane Productions has over 20 years of experience providing top quality sound recording services for radio and television advertisements, films, corporate video, multi-media, and documentaries. Jingles to films to TV shows... we've done it all. With just about everything in-house, our state-of-the-art facilities are second to none, What's more, they are constantly being updated to ensure that we are always on the leading edge of technology. However, the real reason our customers keep coming back... is our people! Professional people and more importantly friendly people. Their main concern is your satisfaction... and it shows! If you'd like to experience the Quarry Lane Difference, give us a call, e-mail or fax us for more information. You might also want to take alook around this web site, for some of our other activities.

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