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Founded in 1980 by its present owner, N. Barry Lucking, Quarry Lane Productions was originally established to provide radio program production and distribution in Canada and the U.S. It was, and still is, associated with Sonscript, Barry Lucking's recording studio, which has been in business since 1974. Located in the heart of Montreal, Quarry Lane Productions together with Sonscript, produced many sucessful documentary radio series. Among them were:

Today, with studios in Montreal and Alexandria (Ontario), we are providing these same services and facilities, but now with some of the most sophisticated equipment including full digital, using Digidesign 'Pro-Tools', 8 track digital tape, DAT and CD-R production. These not only provide producers with traditional services, but also provide the multi-media producer with quality, cost effective sound. For technical and detailed information about our audio production services and facililities click here.



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